Curling IN La Crosse (Wisconsin)


All 64 Stones sent to South Dakota for Re-Conditioning

Board member sent to Clinic to Improve Curling on Arena Ice

Ice King will get sharpened!


1)      Every Wednesday evening curling with two shifts each evening (6:30-8:45pm & 8:15-10:30pm)

We will lay five (5) sheets for curling and use five (5) sets of stones!

We start with an open house for refreshing curling skills and for instruction on October 26th

Fall season league curling begins on November 2; winter season league curling begins on January 4.

We will also keep a sheet available for instruction each session November to Match.

2)       We want our curlers to experience “Good Curling” (yes, it’s more than a salutation).

We will curl on totally re-conditioned stones!  They will curl like new.

We will curl on level ice.  Two folks will attend an Arena Curling Ice Clinic in Minneapolis September 9-11.

We will end the Fall season & the Winter season with league “playdown” events (December 28 & February 29).

We will host a Regional Bonspiel (tournament) March 2-4, 2011.

3)      We want our curlers to actively participate in the operations of the curling club.

We will get to know each other during the social hour (30 minutes) each Wednesday 8:15-8:45pm.

We will ask all curlers to consider participating on one of our 6 operations committees.

We will ask all curlers to share the costs for ice rental.  We need 80 regular curlers to accomplish this.

We will get new curlers to assist us with instruction – especially during “Youth Curl” events.

We will elect two new curlers to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting in April 2012


What do we need for YOU to do?

1)      Mark your calendar for Wednesday evenings in Fall and Winter.

2)      Read the “Policy Statements” with explanations, schedules, and committee descriptors – approved at the annual meeting 08/17/11.

3)      Return the completed “Membership Form” as soon as possible.

Provide all Information and indicate committee preference

4)      Invite others to try our sport/recreation (remember, people with reduced flexibility can use the stick to deliver).

5)      Stay excited!

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