Curling In La Crosse

The LCC officially resumed Curling IN La Crosse, when we welcomed nearly 400 La Crosse residents onto the ice at Green Island Ice Arena to learn-to-curl, October 11-13, 2010.  With ten curling instructors on the ice, all particpants learned to navigate while wearing the curling slider, to deliver the stone with form and function, and to sweep the ice with effective vigor.  With thirteen curling coaches on the ice for the mini-spiel, the new curlers who returned on October 17th, learned the positions of the athletes on each team; the roles and functions of those positions - including the one designated as the SKIP, who "calls the shots" for the teammates in succession and who must precisely deliver the last stones to close each "end"; and the ways and means of scoring points and posting points during a curling match!  In all, 64 new curlers participated in the Mini-Spiel!  

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